Price Increase 2022

Why have your prices gone up?

The last price increase of our celebration cakes was in January 2017. Since then, we've gone through Brexit, a pandemic and a general increase in the overall cost of living. Therefore the price of our ingredients, energy, electric, staff wages, etc, has increased immensely over the past five years. 

We have seen multiple increases, the national living wage has increased £2.00 per hour since our last increase. Ingredients continue to rise between 10-15% every month, and packaging has increased by around 30-50%.

Here at Gardners, we are doing everything we can to mitigate these increases and where possible, absorb as many of these as we can. However, we now have no choice but to pass on these price increases to our customers.

We will continue to provide cakes and treats with our usual high-quality standards and we hope that our customers understand that to continue to absorb these costs is unsustainable for us as an independent family-run business.

Thank you for your understanding & we hope to see you soon.

-The Gardner Family x